• ACID DEMAND: The amount of acid required to adjust the pH.

  • ALGAE: A microscopic one-celled plant that discolors water.

  • ALKALINITY (Total): The amount of alkaline material in the pool water.

  • ALKALINE: A condition when water is above 7.0 on the pH scale.

  • BACTERIA: Invisible living germs that may be harmful to swimmers.

  • CALCIUM: Metal ions in water that form salts as calcium carbonate.

  • CHLORINE: A strong oxidizing agent used to sanitize water.

  • CHLORINE, AVAILABLE: Amount of chlorine available to kill bacteria.

  • CHLOROMINES: The combined chlorine that has already oxidized impurities.
    These cause eye and skin irritations.


  • HARDNESS: The amount of calcium or magnesium dissolved in water.

  • MURIATIC ACID: A liquid acid used to lower pH and total alkalinity.

  • pH: A measure of acidity or alkalinity.

  • ppm: An acronym for parts-per-million.

  • SUPER CHLORINATE: Shock treatment of up to 10 ppm.

  • SCALE: Minerals precipitating and adhering to plaster and tile.

  • STABILIZER: Cyanuric acid used to protect chlorine from UV rays.










Pool Terminology

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