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Automated Controls

There are several reasons to consider installing or upgrading automated controls for your pool and spa.

The systems are user-friendly and simple to operate no matter what kind of pool, spa or combination you have.

  • Today's automated systems extend the life of pool equipment and surfaces. Automation ensures ideal operation time of equipment ~ it's programmed to run all pertinent systems for the optimal period of time for your pool.

  • The systems reduce energy costs by allowing you to take advantage of "off peak" energy consumption rates. The savings are also realized by ensuring that your equipment runs only for the optimal period of time.

  • Automated systems provide a new level of convenience! Lighting, water features (such as waterfalls), heater, cleaners, and circulation - in fact, up to seven functions - can all be controlled and programmed from inside your home.

  • Have a smart phone? You can now have control over your equipment from wherever your smart phone has service. Ask about Smart Phone Upgrades with Existing or New Automation Control Panels.










Pool Automation

With todays technology the ability to control your pool equipment and features is at our fingertips.. When high level tech issues come up with Automation it can be very frustrating and often times confusing. We offer certified technicians who can isolate and fix abnormailties in automation. It takes a great deal of experience to administer these repairs and we are proud to say we have the technicians to address these needs. 

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