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Our pool technician replacing a pool motor that needed repair. The pump did not prime and leaked water. We repaired and replaced the pool motor.

Pool Pump Repair

Swimming Pool Service & Repair has diagnosed and repaired pool pumps since 1957. Our family run company has been a leader in pool pump repairs and diagnostic. We repair all models of of swimming pool pumps whether its a single speed pump or variable speed pump, we have the "know how" to complete the task.

Pump Priming Issues

Many issues that come up with pool operation have to do with the pump not priming optimally. These issues can be a single problem or a series of problems. Pool suction leaks is one of the leading issues with a common pool pump not priming. It will swallow air and not allow the pump to fully prime when trying to operate. This issue is common with both single speed pumps and variable speed pumps. With the hot Phoenix sun and exposed piping, the o-rings, the glue, or other pool suction necessities can warp, dry out and etc. These issues can be remedied with a service call in which we will run pool pump diagnostic to repair the issue at hand.

Pool Pump Leaking Water

All pool pumps whether single speed or energy efficient variable speed require a seal in the pump housing. Sometimes these seals shrink or get worn out. This causes leaking water from the pump housing. Just like anything in the hot Phoenix sun. The endless sun exposure and heat, takes it's toll. Pump leaking water is usually from the seal, however in some cases the entire pump housing is cracked or the pump discharge leaks. All these issues should be diagnosed and repaired onsite from our certified pool technicians

Pump Seizing Up

Every common pool pump requires a pool motor, this motor is what spins the impeller and pulls the water from the suction side and pushes it through the filter and out through the return header. Over time the pool motor may become loud due to old bearings, or completely seize up. This pump problem must me diagnose and repaired to maintain a crystal clear pool. We offer replacement motors, pool pump and motors, and pump installations.  

Our pool company in Phoenix repairing an old pool motor that was loud with a new Variable Speed Pentair Intelliflo Pool Pump.

Repair or Replace Pool Pump

We offer repairs or replacement of any pool pump from single speed to energy efficient variable speed pumps. We are not beholden to any brand like others and concentrate our work on what we feel are the best motors, best pumps and best functioning pool equipment on the market. Our strong history and vast knowledge base qualifies our opinion as to which option is the best for your specific pool situation. 

Energy Efficient Variable Speed Pump Requirements

Since 2012 when Title 44 was passed, the State of Arizona requires your main pool pump to be replaced with new energy efficient variable speed pump. This law requires us to replace your bad pool motor by rebuilding your existing motor or replacing the pump with a new energy efficient pool pump. This law is enforceable regardless if you're in Scottsdale, Phoenix, Chandler, Tempe, Glendale, Paradise Valley and etc. With our strong history of doing business the right way in the pool industry, we abide by all county, city and state laws. 

Main issues we see with pool pumps and motors are - 


  • Electrical Connection Issue

  • Shaft seals bad in Pool Pump Housing

  • Pool Pump motors seizing

  • Pool Pump running loud

  • Pool Pump wont prime

  • Pool Pump wont start or turn on

  • Pool Pump suction and pressure issues

We provide pool pump diagnostic, repair and replacement to -

Phoenix, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Glendale, Surprise, Mesa, Gilbert, Laveen, Ahwatukee, Sun City, Cave Creek, Carefree, Chandler, New River, Rio Verde, Desert Mountain, Avondale, Estrella Mountain, Goodyear, Waddell, El Mirage, Sun Lakes, Troon North, Queen Creek, Guadalupe,  Anthem, San Tan Valley, Litchfield Park, Tolleson, Peoria, Fountain Hills and the others in between.

Swimming Pool Service & Repair in Phoenix AZ offers "service calls" to diagnose and perform pool pump repairs. We have been a leader in repairs since 1957 and have some of the highest trained technicians in Phoenix who will diagnose issues in a timely, cost effective manner.
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