Rolled Bond Beam Conversion

In the late 1990's - 2000's the arrival of the Rolled Bond Beam occurred. While the industry assumed it would be an "added look" it in effect had an opposite outcome over time. Rolled Bond Beams have caused many home owners grief. Swimming Pool Service & Repair has done over 500 conversions to a low maintenace, yet upgraded look. We would be happy to administer a free consultation of your rolled bond beam / backyard and see which "conversion look" would fit best in your unique situation.

Rolled Bond Beams can be converted to Flagstone, Travertine, Brick, Tile, or many other hard surfaces. Below is a few pictures to outline the different materials used.

Low maintenance is a universally appreciated value, and creating a low maintenance pool is an ideal proposition. Because Rolled Bond Beams often times require costly repairs, we would like to help you elimintate future repair. Our long history of conversions are not only proven solutions but also provide a professional look. Reach out today for your FREE ESTIMATE!

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