Automatic Cleaners

Once your pool is returned to service, it's important to protect your investment by keeping it clean. The surfaces and equipment will better stand the test of time if simple pool maintenance is observed. An automatic pool cleaner is a convenient, efficient means to that end. We'd be happy to recommend a quality brand that will save you money in the long run.



Suction Cleaners


Suction cleaners act not only as a main drain but as a suction vacuum which works through the pump suctions system, through the filter and finally to the returns.


Pressure Cleaners


Pressure cleaners work off pressure through a booster pump which essentially nets debri and stirs particles around the pool floor until it eventually finds the main drain. 


Infloor Cleaning Systems


Infloor Cleaning systems rely on pump pressure through an actuator and out pop up head stations. They are positioned to push debri and particles to the main drain and back to the pump and filter.



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