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Swimming Pool Service & Repair is an industry leader in pool remodeling, pool resurface, pool replastering. We install Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, Beadcrete and many other pool surfaces. Since 1957 we are the best.
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Pool Remodeling

From the moment you decide to remodel your pool and call to request your free remodeling consultation. You have officially begun the "Pool Remodeling Process". Our job supervisors will help shape your pool features vision, into reality. They will guide you step by step and inform you based off experience the "pros and cons" of each decision that will need to be established in every phase of the construction process.

All of Swimming Pool Service and Repair's supervisors are knowledgeable, friendly and each have had over a decade of pool and spa construction experience in supervision and swimming pool remodeling in Phoenix AZ. Each supervisor has completed hundreds of pool projects. Whether its pool remodeling, pool repairs or a custom pool add-on, we are the swimming pool experts. Instead of focusing time on new pool construction, we have specialized in existing pool remodeling and pool resurface for over 60 years. We have developed a strong reputation in Arizona's pool industry as the pool remodeling gurus.

Old Pebble Tec Pool before we did the pool remodel in Paradise Valley
After Pool Remodel in Paradise Valley Arizona with Pebble Sheen Resurface

The Pool Renovation Process

Green pool before restoraton in Scottsdale. This begins the pool resurface process with a pool draining and then remodel.
Swimming Pool Drained and Ready for demo, pool repair, contruction and the resurface with pebble sheen and pebble tec.

After the design consultation with the pool owners and permits have been received from Maricopa County or the governing city (If applicable), the first phase of your pool remodel project is to drain your swimming pool to the sewer clean-out, or accordance with Arizona's pool drain city ordinance.

Pool Estimation and Preparation

Demo crew chipping out a white plaster swimming pool to prep for pebble sheen in scottsdale. This pool resuface was quickly done.
Chipped Out Empty White Plaster Pool in Scottsdale. We got this pool ready or pool plaster resurface with pebble sheen and pebble tec.


Once the swimming pool is drained, the pool and spa interior surface are chipped out by jackhammers and air chisels. If you chose to replace your waterline tile, the existing waterline tile will be removed at this pool remodel phase and exposed pool rebar will be prepped. This phase would include removing existing water features, accent boulders and spa dam wall.

Pool Interior Chip Out

Pool in the middle of a remodel. Ready for a beach entry additon, a water feature add on and pebble sheen in Paradise Valley Arizona.
Swimmming Pool Service & Repair fixing pool equipment, a pump that won't prime and a filter with high pressure in Scottsdale, AZ.
Pool Chipped out with waterfeature addiion. Ready to add pool tile and pebble sheen in glendale, az. Pool remodeling from here to phoenix.


The pool construction process includes additions from the initial pool design such as pool water leveler, pool dedicated suction line, decking, waterline tile, water features, accent boulders, depth conversions, baja shelf or beach entry additions, pool decking, new energy efficient pool pump, new pool filter, new pool automation, new pool plumbing, barbeque, fire woks, outdoor kitchen and etc.

Pool Construction

Swimming Pool Service & Repair fixing the pool in a remode stage. We are prepping the pool for resurfacing in Chandler.
Pebble Sheen pool renovation in phoenix. Replastering an old white plaster pool in Scottsdale, AZ
Swimming Pool Repair acid washing the pool after a chlorine rinse. The pool pump didnt prime so we fixed the motor.

The pool remodeling process of the interior pool surfacing phase varies depending on the pools interior you select. Pebble Tec, Pebble Sheen, White Plaster, Ultra Poz Quartz enhanced plaster are all pool surfacing options applied by a pressurized spray nozzle. The finishing touch to pool resurface is done by hand trowel to a smooth finish to complete the final look and feel.

Interior Pool Surface

When you have to drain your pool. We sometimes replace the pool motor because it locks up. We work in Scottsdale Replasting Pools
Swimming Pool Service & Repair of Phoenix, AZ fixes pool motors that lock up. We also fix leaky pool pipes and pumps that won't prime.

After your resurfaced pool or spa plaster has been installed, the pool or spa is filled with water. This takes approximately 12-30 hours (1 hour for spa) depending on the size of your pool or spa. Once the process of filling the pool has begun, do not stop the water until it has reached the middle of the water line tile or the pools skimmer throat. Failure to follow these pool surface filling instructions may result in the pools interior forming discoloration and/or imperfections in your new pools interior surface. This is this most important phase in the pool remodeling project. 

Swimming Pool Fill

When you add chemicals to the pool. You have to prime the pump, adjust the time clock and start up the pool system. Swimming Pool Service is a professional pool resurface contractor that is the best pool plastering

Swimming pool or spa start-up consists of adding all necessary chemicals to balance the water and mechanically start-up all pumps and pool features. At this time, pool instructions will be given on the operation and maintenance of your new energy efficient equipment and surface. There will be some surface brushing that will be necessary to eliminate residue left over from the new pools interior plaster or Pebble Tec or Pebble Sheen surface application process. After this phase your pool or spa is swim ready.

Swimming Pool Start-Up

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We provide pool remodeling, renovations and repairs to -

Phoenix, Tempe, Paradise Valley, Scottsdale, Glendale, Surprise, Mesa, Gilbert, Laveen, Ahwatukee, Sun City, Cave Creek, Carefree, Chandler, New River, Rio Verde, Desert Mountain, Avondale, Estrella Mountain, Goodyear, Waddell, El Mirage, Sun Lakes, Troon North, Queen Creek, Apache Junction, Guadalupe, Anthem, San Tan Valley, Litchfield Park, Tolleson, Peoria, Fountain Hills and the others in between.

Give us a call today at (602) 267-7203 to start the pool remodeling construction process to find out why we are so highly regarded by our customers and pool industry partners as their "go to" pool remodeling company and pool repair source in Phoenix AZ! 

Pool Remodel with shelf addition after pool chip out with out waterline tile.
Diving Pool Remodel with Pebble Sheen, New Waterline Tile and Water Feature

Whether it's a simple cosmetic Pebble Tec repair, pool repairs, water features, or a complex structural custom pool overhaul, the pool renovation may involve one or more types of work to affect a lasting change. Swimming Pool Service & Repair from Phoenix AZ are pool remodeling specialists and we have the "know how" to maximize that look and feel when you remodel your pool. So, call or click the link below to request a "pool remodel quote" for a free pool design idea consultation on your desired pool renovation.

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