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Pool Service and Repair

Swimming Pool Remodel Experienced 60 Years, Resurface, Retile, Renovations, Pool Equipment, Slate Blue Pebble Sheen Swimming Pool Resurface

Pool services qualify for free estimates. We can give you general estimates over the phone, or for trickier applications we can come onsite for a consultation. Don't hesitate to call our office for futher inquiry.





Drain & Chemical Start Up


Over the years the endless amounts of chemicals add up and take a toll on our once fresh water. We offer Pool Draining and Start Up Chemical Balancing Services. This is also a great time to make a to do list for other pool maintenance. 


Acid Wash


An acid wash can be beneficial to the overall look of the pool. However it can also be done incorrectly and damage, or even worse, destroy a pools finish. We provide professional acid wash service to ensure the pool surface is not compromised and the job is done correctly.


Chlorine Rinse


When a pool goes green beyond rejuvination sometimes the best course of action is to drain and chemical rinse the surface. This is done with a high concentration of liquid chlorine. We offer a professional chemical rinse service. 


Pool Polishing


When a plaster surface begins to discolor or become rough, often times a polish can solve this problem. We offer a professional consultation for this service to qualify and quote the job. This service is done by a professional polish technician.


Tile Cleaning


Arizona is notorious for hard water, and with hard water comes sediment. Tile cleaning can remove calcium build up at waterline. We offer professional a tile cleaning service to ensure your pools look is always like new.


Tile Repairs


Overtime tile can jar loose. We offer professional tile repair services which can restore the look of your tile.  


Silicone Top Joint


The gap between your tile and your deck is necessary. It acts as an expansion joint between your pool shell and your deck. Often times the movement between the two creates a gap. We offer silicone top joint installation services which can seal the gap.


Main Drain Installation


Main drains often come loose or break. Or maybe you're in charge of a commercial pool and need your drain up to code. Regardless, we offer main drain installation services whether the pool is full or empty.


Pebble Patch


With a pebble surface there is always a chance areas can fail. We provide a professional pebble patch surface to existing pebble finishes. 


Plaster Patch


With a plaster surface there is always a chance areas can fail. We provide a professional plaster patch to existing plaster pools.



Swimming Pool Service & Repair is not limited to these services. For further questions please call us at 602-267-7203!

When people think of Pool Service they tend to think chemical balance and pool cleaning. They seldom think of the preventative maintenance, restoration maintenance or other service an aging pool requires. Let us guide you in revitalizing your pool today. Contact Us Today!
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