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Swimming Pool Service & Repair has been one of the Industry Leaders in Pool Remodeling and Repair in Phoenix since 1957. These are our opinions, and our findings.

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Draining an Old Plaster Pool? Think Again.

Unlike Pebble Tec ® pools, plaster pools require constant moisture to remain stable. Draining an old plaster pool in the middle of the Arizona summer can cause the surface to crack, pop and pit. Often times the best course of action with an older plaster pool is to let it continue to deteriorate until you are ready for a new pool surface (pool resurface or pool replaster). So what defines an old plaster pool? As a rule of thumb in our 62 years of experience, we do not drain p

Why We Feel Pebble Tec is the Most Trusted Pool Surface

Swimming Pool Service & Repair's preferred pool resurface option is Brand Named Pebble Tec and Pebble Sheen, Since 1987 when it first adopted from Australia and was applied in the Phoenix Metropolitan area it has outlasted and proven to be the most durable surface. Since the departure of Asbestos Pool Plaster, pool plaster has been searching for an identity. All the while Pebble Tec has created a rock solid option. Trust comes over time and Pebble Tec® has built a brand which